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    Greg Gurland

    Hey Greg,
    I am interested in buying a knife with replaceable blades. Will be used for skinning deer, elk and bear. What do you recommend and where is the best place to buy? Thanks

    Lee Scharr

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    Greg Gurland

    Hey Lee,

    For large game, the most popular replaceable blade knife is the Havalon Bolt.
    It has a thick 60a blade, large and strong enough to for such jobs as popping ball joints and caping around antler bases. The bolt has a very wide user base and excellent reviews. Just watch out when replacing the blade – do it with a tweezers or something like that, don’t use your bare hands. It’s frikkin sharp…

    The cheapest place to buy this knife is at amazon. They sell it for 36$ including 10 blades if I remember correctly.

    Keep me updated if you can, I would love to hear what you purchased and how you find the knife.



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      Greg Gurland

      Thank you much for the recomendation.
      Ordered it this morning from amazon.
      Heading to New Mexico in a month for a archery Elk,deer,bear hunting trip. Hope I need to use it.

      Thanks, Lee

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